Solutions for Education

BASF and its Master Builders Solutions brand lay the foundations for successful education by connecting with our customers to provide optimum seamless flooring solutions for schools, colleges, universities, and kindergartens.

BASF’s MasterTop liquid-applied polyurethane flooring, once cured, is extremely durable and completely seamless for excellent cleanability. This versatile and sustainable decorative flooring is available in a wide range of colors, creating positive environments for learning, which are not only attractive, but also meet a variety of technical and environmental needs. These include resistance to chemicals, wear and tear, comfort, sound attenuation through floor noise reduction, slip resistance and if required anti-static qualities.

Where harsh cleaning regimes regularly use hot water, steam or aggressive chemicals such as in kitchens, our exceptionally durable Ucrete flooring is the ideal choice.

Whether for new construction or the refurbishment and modernization of existing facilities, the long lifecycle and fast installation times of BASF’s flooring systems make them both economical and efficient.

MasterTop - polyurethane comfort floors

Ucrete - temperature and abrasion resistant floors