MasterTop P 688 - Fast cure solvent-free epoxy primer for MasterTop 1288 system

How does MasterTop P 688 work?

MasterTop P 688 is a solvent-free, non-pigmented 2-part epoxy based primer for MasterTop 1288 flooring systems.

MasterTop P 688 is applied as a primer on concrete for MasterTop 1288 or other industrial epoxy or polyurethane flooring products for medium to heavy industrial wear.
MasterTop P 688 is applied to substrates such as concrete and cement screeds.  MasterTop P 688 can be applied in a single coat approximately 5m2 per litre using a trowel or roller.

What are the unique features of MasterTop P 688?

MasterTop P 688 has high adhesive strength which creates an extremely good bond to concrete substrate and aggregates.

What are the benefits of MasterTop P 688?

  • Fast cure – subsequent topcoats or coatings can be applied after only 4 hours
  • Compatible with all MasterTop resin floor systems – multi-purpose primer


MasterTop P 688 Part A Safety Data Sheet Australia

pdf (112.84 Kb)

MasterTop P 688 Part B Safety Data Sheet Australia

pdf (117.04 Kb)

MasterTop P 688 Technical Data Sheet

pdf (108.16 Kb)