MasterTop 1220 – Epoxy based coloured slip resistant seamless flooring system


How does MasterTop 1220 work?

MasterTop 1220 is a slip resistant, seamless, industrial flooring system based on an advanced solvent free epoxy resin system and selected graded aggregates.


What makes MasterTop 1220 a unique solution?

The degree of slip resistance can be adjusted to suit a wide variety of conditions and cleaning requirements. The cured floor provides excellent resistance to both chemical and mechanical attack.


How can you benefit from MasterTop 1220?

  • Pre-packaged and proportioned – no job site errors
  • Wide colour range – able to personalize an installation
  • Excellent durability – long service life
  • Easily cleaned – low maintenance cost
  • De-contaminable – bacteria able to be removed with cleaning
  • High resistance to chemical and mechanical attack – able to use in a wide range of applications
  • Seamless and jointless – no places for bacteria to hide