MasterRoc STS 10 - Cementitious based shotcrete mix for sprayed applications


How does MasterRoc STS 10 work?

MasterRoc STS 10 is a ready-to-use cement based shotcrete mix designed specifically for mining and civil applications.  It is applied using either a wet or dry shotcrete application system.

Recommended uses:

  • Construction and repair of seals, stoppings, overcasts & dams
  • Rib and embankment stabilisation
  • Tunnel linings

What are the unique features of MasterRoc STS 10?

MasterRoc STS 10 is designed for build of up to 150mm in one pass for quick installation.


What are the benefits of MasterRoc STS 10?

  • Formulated for minimum rebound to reduce waste
  • Requires only the addition of potable water for mixing and spraying to reduce handling and clean-up cost