MasterRoc MP356 - General purpose high density polyurethane foam 


How does MasterRoc MP 356 work?

MasterRoc MP 356 is a two part system and general purpose rigid polyurethane foam for pour in place applications.

Recommended uses:

  • Stabilising coal
  • Consolidation of fractured rock, sands, and gravels and land-fill materials
  • Repair of concrete cracks
  • Not recommended for water stopping.  If water stopping is required, please contact BASF.


What are the unique features of MasterRoc MP 356?

MasterRoc MP356 is a fast reacting material applied where strength and flexibility are required in wet and dry conditions.


What are the benefits of MasterRoc MP 356?

  • MasterRoc MP 356 reacts and expands its volume without being in contact with water, foam factor 3
  • Penetrates cracks wider than 0.15mm
  • When in contact with water the foam factor may increase to about 8