MasterPolyheed 8860 - New generation mid-range water reducer

How does MasterPolyheed 8860 work?

Is a versatile and economical admixture based on modified polycarboxylate ether (PCE). The product has been primarily developed for applications in the premix industry and site-batched concrete using manufactured sands. It is low alkali and free of chloride. It is usually added to the mix at the batching plant after 50-70% of the mixing water has been added.

Recommended uses:

  • Ready mixed concrete using manufactured  sands
  • Long-distance transporting
  • Pumped concrete
  • High workability without segregation or bleeding
  • High performance concrete for durability

What makes MasterPolyheed 8860 unique solution?

MasterPolyheed 8860 has a different chemical structure from the traditional plasticisers. It consists of a carboxylic ether polymer with long side chains. This results in flowable concrete with greatly reduced water content.

What are the benefits of MasterPolyheed 8860?

  •  Good dispersion in mixes with high manufactured sand contents
  •  High workability for longer periods
  •  Lower pumping pressure with manufactured sands
  •  Resistance to segregation even at high workability
  •  Extended setting with longer workability
  •  Reduced water content for a given workability
  •  Higher ultimate strengths
  •  Increased ease in finishing concrete with poor aggregates / gap graded aggregates

Product Information & Safety Data Sheet

MasterPolyheed 8860 Technical Data Sheet

MasterPolyheed 8860 Safety Data Sheet Australia