MasterPel 1141 - A permeability reducing admixture for concrete and mortar

How does MasterPel 1141 work?

Is an admixture designed to reduce the rate of transmission of moisture through concrete. Is based on purified stearic acid supplied as a white pourable emulsion. It does not contain water reducers, accelerators, air entraining or surfactant chemicals. It is added separately to the initial batching water to ensure mix distribution.

Recommended uses:

  • Most applications requiring watertight concrete such as basement walls and floors, tunnels and silos
  • Concrete blocks and bricks
  • Low cement content panels and cladding
  • Wall and tank foundations, renderings

What makes MasterPel 1141 unique solution?

It reduces the rate of moisture transmission through concrete and is ideal for watertight concrete applications such as basement walls, tunnels and silos.

What are the benefits of MasterPel 1141?

  • Reduces permeability, particularly in low cement content and high water/cement ratio concrete
  • Increases durability & watertightness by protecting against the ingress of dampness, soluble salts and other aggressive chemicals
  • Reduces relative absorption
  • Has no detrimental effect on setting or strength
  • Reduces shrinkage under typical exposed conditions of wetting/drying cycles
  • Does not affect drinking water in concrete storage tanks
  • Suitable for subsequent application of render, tiles or paint


Product Information & Safety Data Sheet

MasterPel 1141 Technical Data Sheet

MasterPel 1141 Safety Data Sheet Australia