MasterInject 1380 - Structural concrete bonding injection resin

How does MasterInject 1380 work?

MasterInject 1380 is a two-component, solventless, low-viscosity liquid adhesive for pressure injection grouting.

Recommended uses:

  • For structurally re-bonding cracked concrete sections.
  • For filling porous or honeycombed concrete or grout.
  • For anchoring bolts, dowels and reinforcing bars.
  • For grouting areas pre-packed with aggregate to form bearing supports.

What are the unique features of MasterInject 1380?

MasterInject 1380 was developed specifically for use with the Structural Concrete Bonding Process (SCBP).

What are the benefits of MasterInject 1380?

  • Low viscosity -excellent penetration of fine fissures.
  • Resistance to creep and stress relaxation - due to high heat deflection temperature
  • Fast cure rate- fast return to loaded conditions.
  • Bonds in wet and cold conditions - excellent adhesion even under adverse conditions


MasterInject 1380 Part A: Safety Data Sheet Australia

pdf (40.02 Kb)

MasterInject 1380 Part B: Safety Data Sheet Australia

pdf (50.25 Kb)

MasterInject 1380: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (101.82 Kb)