MasterEmaco S 840FR - Polypropylene fibre reinforced premixed cement-based shotcrete mortar


How does MasterEmaco S 840FR work?

​MasterEmaco S 840FR is a ready-to-use, multi-component, cement based shotcrete mix. 

Recommended uses: 

Civil Applications

  • Shotcrete repairs with reduced plastic shrinkage cracking
  • Repairs to the underside of bridge decks, bridge piers and beams, tunnels, sewer pipes, drains, sea walls and culverts
  • Protection of steel work eg fireproofing
  • Tunnel linings and embankment stabilisation

Mining Applications

  • Ground retention and stabilization
  • Sealing of ventilation devices
  • Shotcrete repairs where control of plastic shrinkage cracking is desirable


What are the unique features of MasterEmaco S 840FR?

It is specially designed for civil and mining applications using either the wet or dry shotcreting systems.

What are the beneifits of MasterEmaco S 840FR?

  • Thixotropic - thicker application layers possible
  • Easy to use - requires only the addition of potable water for mixing
  • Economical – dry process reduces handling and clean-up costs
  • Multi-purpose – can also be pumped using the wet mix shotcrete system
  • Good working time - over one hour at 21°C
  • Controlled shrinkage – reduced crack tendency