MasterBrace P 3500 - Epoxy primer for MasterBrace Laminate System



How does MasterBrace P 3500 work?

MasterBrace P 3500 is a two component solvent-less epoxy penetrating medium viscosity primer.

Recommended uses:

  • As a primer for the concrete prior to the use of the MasterBrace 4000 adhesive when used in conjunction with MasterBrace Laminates and for MasterBrace sheets and MasterBrace 4500 saturant.


What are the unique features of MasterBrace P 3500?

MasterBrace P 3500 has excellent adhesion to concrete substrate – ensures transfer of loads


What are the benefits of MasterBrace P 3500?

  • Solvent free – low VOC and non-shrink
  • Pre-packaged – avoids on site errors ensuring quality control
  • Cures at low temperatures – suitable for a range of climates