The Spencer, 420 Spencer Street

Master Builders Solutions - water reducing admixtures

Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Project completed: December 2015

Applicator/Contractor: Maxcon Pty Ltd

Concrete producer: Barro Group Pty Ltd

Market sector: Admixture systems

Products used:

  • MasterPozzolith 400

Blending modern and heritage, 420 Spencer Street has always been a striking building. As one of Melbourne’s premier examples of art deco architecture, the new 38-floor residential development is building upon the original building on the site, incorporating the 1930s era facade.

The design of this 38-floor residential building required the concrete slab to be poured in one continuous go, using a low-heat mix. Situated below the water table, the slab also needed to be protected from long-term water ingress.

Located at a major thoroughfare into Melbourne’s central business district, the area around the Spencer is busy at the best of times. Add the frenzy of last-minute, late-night shopping before the Christmas holidays, and the challenge of seamlessly supplying 2,450m3 of concrete becomes a lot tougher.

BASF’s MasterPozzolith 400 admixture was chosen to enhance the concrete’s overall performance in terms of slump retention, workability, water reduction and mix rheology. To meet the tight timeline and single-pour requirement, the concrete supply came from two plants, was delivered by 40 trucks and discharged into place by five concrete pumps. Managing this enormous logistical undertaking required solid traffic management planning and the careful allocation of designated working and parking locations.

Link image courtesy of Walter Ferronata, Barro Group

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The Spencer - 420 Spencer Street in West Melbourne, Victoria. Image: Courtesy of Bruce Henderson Architects