BASF Construction Chemicals Seven Hills site

Joint repair for busy driveway

Location: Seven Hills, BASF Site

Project completed: August 2016

Market sector: Sealants

Products used:

  • MasterSeal CR 435

A joint between two slabs (one sloping) had opened up over time and the joint had become contaminated with dirt and debris. The exposed edges of the joint were showing signs of damage. The immediate needs were to stop further deterioration and seal the joint.

The affected driveway is in use from morning to night  and there is little availability to stop the passage of trucks and forklifts. The joint needed to be resealed during working hours and not disrupt the activities on site. The material needed to be suitable for the abrasion of all types of vehicles including cars, utility vehicles, delivery vans, B doubles and hard wheeled forklift traffic.

The MasterSeal CR 435 joint sealant has some unique characteristics that made it perfect for this application. It has high Shore A hardness making it abrasion resistant. If has fast cure allowing return to service in minutes, rather than hours or days. It is self priming so minimal preparation was required. All that was needed was  to clean the joint and instal a backer rod  to give the right joint thickness. This allows the joint sealant to move with the expansion and contraction of the slabs.

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Traffic moved over the joint within 15 minutes of application